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We supply and fit the Nordpeis range of Wood Burning Stoves & Fires. This includes their contemporary and traditional models.

Below is a just a selection of the Nordpeis Wood Burning Stoves & Fires we offer, to find out which gas or electric Nordpeis fire suits your home then contact us for a virtual survey.

Nordpeis is another company which solely focuses on the manufacture of wood burning stoves and fires and has been doing so for more than 20 years. With a key focus on a high level of quality, Nordpeis offer a five year warranty on their heating products to ensure customer satisfaction. They provide ranges of both modern and traditional styles of stoves and fires, designed so there is a Nordpeis stove for any type of room. Their products come in a great range of sizes, styles and shapes, offering great variety and style. All of their products use cleanburn technology which means the stoves and fires burn logs of solid fuel very efficiently, with more of the heat being transferred into the surrounding room rather than travelling up the chimney. The wood burning stoves also feature the airways system which keeps the glass window of the stove cleaner so that you can have a better view of the fire inside.